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Latest Submitted Projects


The next-generation project management platform.

@gabor-boros is looking for:
Maintainers to help out with both the backend (Go) and front-end (Typescript) code.
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Python CBOR (de)serializer with extensive tag support

@agronholm is looking for:
A new maintainer who's willing to work on the C extension as well as the Python portion.
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Allows you to control an entire PrismarineJS/mineflayer bot swarm with minimal additional code

@Pandapip1 is looking for:
New project owner. I am not longer interested in this and the project is in a broken state mid-way through a rewrite.
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Set of icons representing programming languages, designing & development tools

@Snailedlt is looking for:
New maintainers to review issues and PR's as well as contribute code to the project. Appreciated skills include but is not limited to: - SVG editing - Community management - Automation (CI/CD) using Python, TypeScript or GitHub Actions
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The alternative upload component for python Dash applications.

@fohrloop is looking for:
A new maintainer or co-maintainers for the dash-uploader
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Why It Matters

Open source software runs the world. Not only is most of the internet based on open source software, but thousands of programs, non-profit organizations, and companies depend on openly developed software libraries.

Currently, lots of open source libraries have only a single person who is responsible for its maintenance. However, reasons for not being able to put time into security fixes and the further development of a project are manifold. They reach from leaving the company or losing interest, to changes in your personal life, up to sad circumstances like illness, burnout or death.

If maintainers are not able to look after their projects anymore and they did not give anyone else access to their repository and the package registry, trouble is sure to follow. It will get harder and harder to keep the project well-maintained, even if the community is involved in taking it over.

Adoptoposs claims that open source software can be better maintained and maintainers will be healthier when following one important rule:

“Each and every open source software project of considerable popularity should have a team of co-maintainers.”

When a project gains popularity, original creators and maintainers will need help. Adoptoposs offers them a platform to find co-maintainers or put their projects up for adoption. It allows to make the initial contact between maintainers and future co-maintainers.

Ready for helping with open source maintenance?