Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Adoptoposs for?

Adoptoposs is for:

  • Maintainers of open source software projects
  • People who are interested in helping open source projects as co-maintainers

What is Adoptoposs for?

Adoptoposs helps with:

  • Finding open source projects that need maintainers
  • Putting up your open source project for adoption
  • Making the initial contact between open source maintainers and people who want to become co-maintainers

Why is it named "Adoptoposs"?

The name comes from the platform’s purpose: adopting open source software.
Connecting these by some reasonable letters, it gives us "Adoptoposs" (and allows us to have a cute adoptoposs as mascot 😉)

Repos and Projects

When should I submit a repo on Adoptoposs?

You can submit your repository when you are looking for a co-maintainer or someone to take over your open source project.

Please consider looking for a co-maintainer if you are the only maintainer for your project right now.
You can read about the benefits of having co-maintainers here .

How can I submit my repo?

  • You can submit a repo on your repo page.
  • Select the GitHub organization of your repo at the top of the page.
  • Click the button of the repo you want to submit.
  • Enter a short text explaining who you are looking for and click submit.

Where can I see my submitted repos?

Your submitted repositories are listed on your projects page and visible for everyone on the public explore page .

Can I submit repos from other services than GitHub?

Currently we only support submitting GitHub repositories.
If you want to submit repos from another service, please open an issue and let us know.

How can I become a maintainer for a project on Adoptoposs?

Projects that are looking for maintainers are visible on the explore page or your personal landing page .
When logged in, you can write a message to the maintainer by clicking the button of a project.

The maintainer will then respond to you via email. All the details about how you get access to the project etc. happens in private communication with the maintainer – independent from Adoptoposs.

How can I find interesting projects?

You will find projects on our explore page. You can search for project names, organizations, and parts of the maintainer’s description. You can filter all projects by selecting the languages you are interested in.

If you added favorite programming languages you will see project recommendations on your personal landing page .

You can also subscribe to email notifications to receive project recommendations for your favourite languages.

Settings & Privacy

Can other users see my email address?

Other users can only see your email address in certain cases.

Project owners can see your email if you wrote them a message by using the contact form of a project.
People who contacted you for a submitted project can see your email, if you replied to them.

How can I subscribe to / unsubscribe from email notifications?

You can edit your email notification settings on your settings page .